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Painting on Canvas Print - Theme (GATHER) Dimensions 18 x 24

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This is the word I kept hearing when I started this painting.

Gather your family and ancestors.

Gather the Women, gather the teens and young adults, gather the children, bring about a sisterhood of Women helping Women.

Women helping Women with spirituality, women helping each other get back to our roots of listening to our intuition. Women building each other up in our successes AND our failures. Women helping Women to raise our children to choose good because the choice feels good, not because they are scared of the consequences of not choosing so.

Gather women to support each other in our mothering, businesses, hobbies, relationships, health, and gratitude.

Never giving up on trying to improve each other with love.

Can you feel it? Can you feel this call to sisterhood? To reclaim our divine right to help each other? We are not meant to do this alone. Can you feel it?

I can. And I know we are being called by our Divine Heavenly Mother to gather her daughters... ALL OF US... in love.